IMG_1378The urban cyclist has to be made of sturdy stuff. Daily dealings with cars, trucks and buses; traffic lights, gutters and grates; variable road quality, convoluted routes, roundabouts, fumes, and smog….and there are many who do it in the cold and the dark too!  All of that ….and the urban cyclist pedals on.

It may be for sport; it may be for transport….but if you enjoy the sensation of riding a bicycle, then it’s always for pleasure. It’s simply a great sensation….and that’s despite those apparent obstacles.

CI210822534430303286Just imagine that all those everyday obstacles are suddenly removed……and there is just a clear road, verdant rolling hills, lungfuls of clean air……and a smiling bunch of riders, enjoying a gentle morning zephyr and a tingle of excitement, as they roll down a country lane ….

NOW put yourself in that picture !IMG_0931

Lanterne Rouge Tours will host riders and their cycles at a regional destination away from the populated Sydney basin where a variety of uncrowded, scenic and safe cycling routes are to be found.

Currawong Lounge 2Lanterne Rouge Tour participants can enjoy premium regional accommodation and hospitality with breakfasts and a first class dining experience included in their package.

Camion BalaiStage rides during the tour will usually be supported by an accompanying “sag wagon” offering soigneur services that include: drinks, snacks and encouragement; basic spares and mechanical support and emergency first aid and communication capabilities.

Safety and team riding are cornerstones of the tour experience.

Origins of “La Lanterne Rouge”

Lanterne Rouge Tours’ next tour will be to Bowral in the Southern Highlands of NSW.







e: info@lanternerougetours.com.au