Bookings and Pricing


Lanterne Rouge Tours has a number of pre-scheduled weekend tours listed in our Calendar.  We are happy to accept bookings for singles, couples or small groups of like-minded adults. For the safety and comfort of participants, the number of guests on a pre-scheduled tour will rarely exceed twelve (incl. riders and non-riders).

 If bookings have not already been taken for a pre-scheduled weekend tour then these weekends are available for a party’s exclusive reservation, subject to an agreed minimum party size of eight guests.

Contact Lanterne Rouge Tours to enquire about your weekend escape

 Complete and return a Lanterne Rouge Tours Booking and Registration Form to reserve your place in the peloton.

Corporate and Group Events

Lanterne Rouge Tours welcomes enquiries from corporate and private groups who are wanting to experience a tour event or conference activity on dates other than those pre-scheduled in our Calendar. Corporate and private group tours can be arranged for weekdays as well as weekends. We  can also help you arrange the rental of quality road bicycles.

With reasonable notice, Lanterne Rouge Tours will work with you to organise your cycling escape for virtually any time of the year that suits your bunch.

Group and Corporate bookings can be initiated using a  Lanterne Rouge Tours Booking and Registration Form for Groups.


Lanterne Rouge Tours offers an all-inclusive escape package for cycling enthusiasts and their non-riding partners. Our desire is for all our guests to have only one concern while they are “on tour” and that is to maximise their enjoyment.

Your Lanterne Rouge Tours package will include:

  • quality accommodation and all meals
  • soigneur services for riders (incl. support vehicle, ride food and drinks, essential mechanic’s tools and spares, encouragement..)
  • planned and vetted cycling routes
  • a selection of alternate activities for non-riders
  • transport to and from dinner venue(s)
  • post-ride and pre-dinner refreshments (to aid recovery)
  • emergency first aid resources

Pricing for a Lanterne Rouge Tour can vary slightly depending on the particular tour, the size of the party (for private groups) the number of nights and the time of year. Seasonal demands and other local factors can, on occasion, impact on the availability of some of our regional accommodation options but we are firmly committed to delivering our guests the best pricing we can for each and every tour that we host.  More precise quotes are available on enquiry but, as a rough guide, guests can expect packages for a weekend tour to range from around $800 to around $1200 per head.

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