Route Grading

All ride routes proposed by Lanterne Rouge Tours have been previously ridden and graded by one of our team members. The rides are generally classified based on the four categories described below:

  • A.   Easy – Usually for distances of less than 30km with the likelihood of a few undulations but with no significant hills to climb. Elevation gain on the route may be up to about 250m.
  • B.   Moderate – For a more regular cyclist this category of ride would present no real difficulty but perhaps a slight extension to their range. Ride distance could be up to about 70km and it is likely there will be a reasonable climb (and descent) or two. Route elevation gain could be expected to be in the 500 to 1000 metre range.
  • C.   Challenging – To be comfortable tackling a routes in this category a rider does not need to be a Pro but should nevertheless have a good level of fitness and a reasonable degree of confidence in their cycling stamina and ability. Ride distance could be above 90km with route elevation gain of around 1000 to 1500 metres.  
  • D.   Tough – Rides in this category can be expected to be longer and are likely to have additional climbing opportunities. You will know that you’ve earned your evening’s calories and a sound sleep after tackling one of these routes. Ride distance is above 130km and route elevation gain is likely above 1500m. It would be suggested that a rider have recent experience with distances in excess of 100km and a suitably comfortable bicycle seat.

As a rule of thumb, most Lanterne Rouge Tours’ ride routes fall into categories A,B or C or they fall between these categories eg Easy to Moderate or Moderate to Challenging. Longer rides are always accompanied by a support vehicle with bicycle racks.